For more than 15 years operating in the carbon credit market, Carbotrader has provided excellence in consultancy and advisory services for projects in line with greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

Carbotrader is concerned to provide for its customers differentiated services that can make them superior to their pairs or market competitors. For this to be possible we believe that the incentive to innovative practices and excellence in operation are the natural ways for this to occur.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a methodology to reduce their greenhouse gases emissions and thereby allow the remuneration for the innovative environmental projects.

In this spirit, we provide advice and consultancy in the following areas:

Carbon Projects

  • Regulated Market (CERs)
  • Voluntary Market (VERs)
  • World Commission on Dams (WCD) certification
  • Sustainable Index (BM&F)
  • Project Activity Monitoring
  • Sale of Carbon Credits

(Spot Market, Structured Solutions, Project Portfolio and Auctions)

Environmental Sustainability

  • Advice on Environmental, Business and Financial Management
  • Environmental Marketing Advisory and Strategic Planning
  • Emissions Inventory, Reverse Logistics, Recycling and Wastewater Treatment
  • Emissions Neutralization Project

Energy Services

  • Solar Generation Project and Installation
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Cogeneration Projects
  • Feasibility and Investment Partnership